looking up internet address for hostname hangs up my machine after gnome login

Hello: I use linux on my laptop at home and work. It uses the same fixed
IP address both at home and office.  I recently installed the IBMJDK (using rpm)
when I was connected to my office network and the installation was smooth.
But when I took my machine home, it will go through the start up process (all
processes start fine), but it takes a long time (almost 1 minute compared to
few seconds before I started having problems) for the gnome login window
to come up. Now when I login, a new window comes saying "looking up
internet address for linux_ravi" (linux_ravi is my hostname) with a moving bar
below. Eventually this window disappears and then the machine hangs. But back
in the office network, it works just like before.
I donot know what does it mean by "looking up internet address for linux_ravi". I have a
fixed IP and the same default gateway everywhere. Looks like the gnome configuration
is screwed up somewhere. or I am not sure about the cause
I booted into text mode and removed the IBM JDK, but still see the same problem
Could some help me.

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