Re: This sucks

I'd like to put my word too. I always had problems to compile gnome. The number of packages required is awesome and NOT documented. Fotunately, I found an interesting site on which you could find in which order you have to compile these packages :
I can say too that I am an advanced user* (and you have to be in order to compile gnome) and I didn't find anything harder than gnome to compile. Here at my work we have several flavors of unix (Linux, OpenBSD, Solaris...), a very low bandwith, and so we can´t download packages for each system, we have to compile them by ourselves. And I am forced to install kde instead of gnome because it's easier to compile, you don't have to edit the sources for example. I think it should be a great idea for gnome 2.0 to have less packages (in fact packages of packages) and to have more documentation on the compilation in these packages.
To end, I'd like to say that I appreciate a lot gnome (when it's working ;-) ).


*System administrator and developer

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