Re: Connecting internet with Gnome Redhad 6.2

Aha. Well, that is exactly what I am using: RH 6.2 and AT&T Broadband (aka RoadRunner) cable. I have found it to be easier to get working than PPP.

First, You'll need to have something like "alias eth0 tulip" (replace "tulip" with the name of the appropriate ethernet driver for your NIC) in your /etc/modules.conf if you haven't done this already.

As root, use netcfg rather than linuxconf. Click on Interfaces at the top. Highlight the Ethernet interface you are going to use for this (eth0, eth1 etc.) and then click Edit. In the small dialog that comes up, leave IP and Netmask blank, click "Activate interface at boot time" and in the "Interface configuration protocol" menu, choose dhcp. You can click Activate to get it going the first time. That's it. At one point I had some difficulty connecting, and I upgraded the "pump" package (which does the DHCP). Currently I'm using pump-0.7.11-2.

I think we've wandered off-topic here (netcfg is not a part of gnome), but I keep discovering from this list that gnome contains things I never realized were there. Maybe there is a netcfg equivalent hiding somewhere in gnome!

Philippe Doucet wrote:

I'm sorry, I didn't give out enough information. I"m trying to connect to the internet through cable internet. I have Redhat 6.2 with Gnome. And I think that using DHCP would be easier and less trouble, I did go in my control pannel and into network configuration but just can't figure out how to make it work. Like which entries I should enter and wich I should leave alone...or am I at the right place at all? Because I read somewhere that in linuxconf there is also some networking tools there as well.

Thanks for the responses.

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