Window Placement/Panel Hide

OK, after that recent gnome-libs/sawfish update, I've noticed a stange new

If I have a panel set to autohide, when I maximize a window, it takes up
the whole screen, instead of just the potion that isn't occupied by the
panel (which is only like 5 pixels when autohidden, but oh well).  This
isn't that big of a deal, just different behaviour than how it worked
before the upgrade (I was using the second-newest Ximian release of
gnome-libs, and sawfish 0.35).  However, the problem is this.  Sometimes
the panel somehow gets stacked below my current window (I've only noticed
the error when using Galeon or Balsa, but not gnome-terminal).  If I hit
the window maximize button again (which doesn't do anything as far as the
window size is concerned), the panel appears at the top of the stack again.
 While not some kind of big glaring issue or something, it is incredably
annoying when it happens.

I'm guessing this is a Sawfish problem, but I thought it may have been
something with the gnome-libs upgrade as well (not sure).
Sean Middleditch
AwesomePlay Productions, Inc.

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