Re: Problem with Evolution 0.8 and Feature proposition

On 10 Jan 2001 17:37:28 -0500, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
> On 10 Jan 2001 23:21:38 +0100, Jeroen Benckhuijsen wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I've got a real annoying problem with Evolution. When typing an email
> > message, the cursor is way ahead of the end of the line. When the cursor
> > has reached the end of the screen, i only typed halfway?? This is really
> > weird. Editing a message is really a mess, because i can't see where the
> > cursor really is....
> > 

Any solution for this problem???

> > Also i would like to see these features in evolution:
> > 
> > -> Being able to create Vritual Folders anywhere on the filesystem
> > (especially mail/contacts), I would like to see all information on a
> > subject in it's own directory. Now i have normal data in a directory,
> > email is a VFolder, and URL-bookmarks in Mozilla. I'm hoping on nautilus
> > to solve the bookmarks problem... 
> > But i would also to be albe to store all mail of for example the Gnome
> > List is a directory gnome, maybe in a certain file. When double clicking
> > this file it would open the message list of evolution (integration of
> > Nautilus/evolution). I don't think it can be that hard, because it's all
> > corbatized.. Not an expert however. Same goes for Contacts. Some
> > contacts belong to certain subjects (like GnomeList, Programmers, Work,
> > etc). 
> > When running the main window i would like to be able to see all of those
> > files...
> Eh?

All right, explaining a bit diffecult. Currently (AFAIK) all VFolders
are stored under $HOME/evolution/local. Howeveri would like to be able
to store such a VFolder anywhere on my filesystems like a folder
$HOME/Gnome/Mailinglist, where i store all mails of the gnome mailing
list. When using Nautilus (in the future) i would like to be able to
open the VFolder AS a VFolder, not as a normal folder like what happens
now. To be short, i would like not to have to start the whole of
evolution when all i want is to look for a certain email from the gnome
mailinglist.  Same story goes for Contacts VFolders

Is this any clearer ;-))?????

> > 
> > -> Being able to print a whole week from the calendar as a day is
> > printed, so not all appointments below eachother, but rather how each
> > day is filled with appointments
> > 
> > -> Off course: Email filters (i'm sure they're planned)
> Already planned? They are already done.

*SHAME* gotta clean my contactlensess next time i write such a mail ;-))

> > 
> > -> Being able to store identifiers of online presence programs (ICQ,
> > AIM, etc) and maybe being able to communicate with them from evolution.
> Once Gabber and/or Gaim become bonobized this will be possible, but
> we're waiting for those groups to do the work. We're already way
> overworked as it is.

As you are overworked, how can one contribute? Or isn't this possible as
it is developed my HelixCode?

Jeroen Benckhuijsen

Software Engineer
Phoenix Software

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