Re: HIgh Priority Help!!!!

On Wed, 10 Jan 2001 16:02, Brett Castleberry wrote:
> Michael Weichert wrote:
> > can someone please direct me to a program for GNOME that
> > can create charts/graphs like in Office 2000, or tell me how I can create
> > them in Gnumeric (this would be my preferred direction if possible).
> Just checked my free, downloaded WordPerfect 8, but when I clicked "chart"
> in the insert menu, I got a message that this feature is only available
> with the commercial version of Corel WP for Linux.  I 'm certain that
> StarOffice (now OpenOffice) does 'em.  Free, but huge.

Yes, but it's the only Linux office product I have so far come across that 
doesn't fail on some MSOffice documents: free, huge - but it works! 

Highly recommended if you can get and run it.


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