Re: [Nautilus-list] Open Office coming along better than I thought!

on 1/8/01 4:26 AM, Garrett Mickelson at garrett penguincomputing com wrote:

> Check out this link. Open Office embedded into Nautilus! THIS is the
> future of Linux on the Desktop! My understanding (and I could be wrong)
> is that by using this 'view as OpenOffice viewer' , one could edit and
> then save this document from within nautilus.

This is the same kind of demonstration that was shown a year ago at last
year's LinuxWorld Expo.

Embedding the entire application, rather than a view specifically designed
for simple viewing, can often be easier than making a new component, so it's
a smart way to do a demo. But it's not the Nautilus team's vision for the
user interface. We don't want to run all GNOME programs as single-window
editors inside a Nautilus window. For one thing, it means every program must
share screen real estate with Nautilus elements, like the menu bar.

The "View" vs. "Open" distinction is at the heart of the current Nautilus
UI. Inside Nautilus, you view documents; you typically open a document you
are viewing for editing by clicking on a button in the sidebar.

But there's nothing that technically prevents just embedding a whole
application, and again, it's easy to do that if you want a quick demo.

(I suggest we continue this part of the discussion on just the Nautilus
list, rather than on all three.)

    -- Darin

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