Nautilus Bug Day: This Mon Jan 08 ( with even easier hourly builds! ;)


    Preview Release 3 of Nautilus is fast approaching . Hourly builds
now installable in a few clicks through the Eazel Installer. So, it's
time for another Nautilus Bug Day!

    Come join the Nautilus team for more hands-on bug merriment, as we
experiment on builds, find & verify bugs together, and otherwise beat
Nautilus 1.0 into shape. This week, your intrepid adventurers at 2189
Leghorn will be feverishly verifying PR3 bugs and intaking mass
quantities of caffeine.

   Newcomers are welcome, just holler for help! The fun starts at Monday
January 8th, at 1600 PDT.

(*) Sorry, the installer is still limited Red Hat 6.1 & 6.2 users, in
part due to an untimely deportation of the hacker implementing it. ;)


* To learn more about Nautilus Testing and how you can make a
difference, visit <>. To stay in touch

with Nautilus testers, the mailing list is at
<>. RPMs, source
tarballs, and installation instructions are available at

* Nautilus is still bleeding-edge, pre-release software, and testing it
requires installing many unstable packages on your computer. If you're a

casual GNOME user and would prefer to stay that way ;), Nautilus Preview
Release 2  from <> is your best bet.

* To translate your local time zone to PT,
<> displays
different time zones; it's currently UTC/GMT -8 hours.

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