Re: CD Burning....

What version of Linux are you using? You may not have to recompile the
kernel as sugegsted :-) I am using Redhat 7.0, and I also know for sure
that in 6.2 I didn't have to recompile either. Mandrake does this emulation
automatically during install.

The reason behind this SCSI-emulation is (as far as I know) the fact that
all software is written for SCSI drives, and not IDE. Since a couple of
years ago, IDE because a lot better that used to be, and cheaper than scsi,
however it was still too much effort to re-write all the software. The
easiest was out was to emulate a SCSI drive, which works great.

To sum it up, You make your computer think it has a scsi drive in it, which
also means that it won't see the IDE anymore. Really easy to do depending
on what Linux you are running. Recompiling your kernel is the final
possibility, however this requires a lot of time and effort (don't be too
afraid of it though). If you would like to know how to "quickly" get your
scsi emulated (if it is already built in ~ Maybe just try it, and see what
it does??), you can look here...

Good luck, and if you need to know more, just ask :-)

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