Re: Enlightenment Themes

Hello Rooty,
Although a million people will reply with the exact same answer, I'd
though I'd jump right on it. Go to There will be an icon
at the top of the page of a crystal ball with the letter 'e' below it.
Just click on that and it will take you there.

Garrett Mickelson

On 02 Jan 2001 08:35:03 -0800, Rooty D'Qt wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I looked around, but I couldn't find the Enlightenment
> themes on the web (No, I didn't look that hard.) I
> found ones for Sawfish, but I'm not using that. 
> Any hints?
> Also, where do I put new themes when I download them?
> Thanx!
> --Rooty
> PS: Happy New Year!!
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