colors within gnome for DDD and Nedit from a X terminal

I am new to Linux using Redhat 7.0. working with a Xterminal via a gnome
XDMCP session 

I come across color allocation problem on the X terminal when running
DDD or Nedit under Gnome

I do not have such  problems when working on the Linux console under
gnome or when working on a SUN CDE environment

the prefered colors of DDD ( .ddd/init file )  and Nedit ( .Xdefaults
ressource file )can not be allocated ( the following message is issued :
"cannot allocate colormap entry for "color") as if all 256 colors are
hogged by Gnome. 
How can this problem be tackled :
	- by reducing the the number of colors used by Gnome : how ?
	- is it a problem of the X terminal itself ( despite working properly
with CDE )

PS : The Xterminal can only handle 256 colors in its system colormap 

thanks for any clue

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