Re: CD player

> I popped my cd in my cd player and Gnome automatically started playing the
> music and no cd players came up for me to select a track or anything.
> anyone know how to figure out what is playing my cd and how to switch
> tracks? I checked xmms and cd player and neither one is playing the cd or
> in use.

Magicdev - I think it is a hack by Red Hat to automagically mount/play
CDs like Windows. Try

  foot menu->Settings->Periphals->CD Properties

or something like that (my Gnome speaks Danish).

But you don't have to actually have a program running to play
an audio CD. I think it is managed by a driver in the kernel or
perhaps is built directly in the hardware. You just need something to
start the playback.

I usually just use "cdcd play" to start the play back and only invoke
the graphical CD player later on if I feel like hearing a special
track again (perhaps if I'm practising playing that particular piece
myself (I hear a lot of classical piano music and play some myself

Ole Laursen

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