Re: Multiple Mouse configuration

In message <Pine LNX 4 10 10102220852170 10563-100000 silicon dgc-nms co uk>, B
rett Crawley writes:

>Can anyone tell me how to get both a glide pad and an external USB mouse
>working together under GNOME. I am running Xi Laptop Accelerated X which
>is allowing me to have both mice running simultaneously on Redhat 7.0 and
>I have seen them both working when not running a window manager. However
>when GNOME initialises it somehow takes out the external mouse.

>I have read that GPM can support two mice, I am not sure which config file
>GPM looks in at start up or what I would need to do to allow it to see

You are not alone.  I also have this problem.  But I can get both gpm and X to
work in a dual mouse configuration if I start gpm after X.

I need to do more testing to figure out just what is causing this problem.


John GOTTS <jgotts linuxsavvy com>

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