Re: Desktop icons gone

less /usr/lib/mc/desktop-scripts/README.desktop

On Tue, 20 Feb 2001 22:55:37 Stephen M. Williams wrote:
>Wish I could help there, but I don't know.  I had the same problem you
>experienced and found the "recreate default icons" option on accident ;)
>On 20 Feb 2001 22:56:39 -0500, David Shochat wrote:
>> Wow. What an instantaneous response! Thank you. That was exactly it.
>> But I would still like to know: Where is the mapping maintained? In 
>> other words, what exactly was being modified/repaired by my doing that? 
>> If there is documentation somewhere, just point me.
>> -- David
>> Stephen M. Williams wrote:
>> > Try right-clicking on the desktop and selecting "Recreate Default
>> > 
>> > Steve
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