Re: Turning off ClientAutoPlace ?

On Tue, 20 Feb 2001 06:44:50 Stan Brown wrote:
>I have a comercial app that I am trying to move from HP Vue to Gnome. It
>several windows, most withou borders, and needs to be able to control the
>of them itslef. Under Vue you set ClientAutoPlace (X resource) to false to
>this to work.
>How can I make this work with Gnome?

This is actually a window manager issue but I know that I can specify the
size and location of a window using commandline arguments (man xerm,
/-geometry). Xterm uses -geometry and gnome-terminal uses --geometry, so you
may have to play around a little to make sure GNOME-enabled window managers
do what you intend.

There may be a way to specify this in X instead of letting the window
manager handle it. An XFree86 list/newsgroup would be a good place to ask
about that.

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