RE: viruses on GNOME?

Wow, I guess I better watch out then because I'm writing Outlook, er, I
mean Evolution ;-)

I can guarentee that Evolution will not be subject to those types of
viruses because we aren't stupid enough to code support for Evolution
executing scripts that are embedded in the email message you happen to
be reading.

I really don't see what everyone is so concerned about, it's trivial to
protect against this sort of thing - simply don't code support for it!


On 15 Feb 2001 23:34:09 +0000, Nathan Ollerenshaw wrote:
> I bet that is *exactly* what the microsoft engineers working on Outlook 2000
> said at the time they were writing it.
> Nathan.
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> We (GNOME) aren't stupid, and I think we can leave it at that ;-)
> Jeff

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