Re: Xdefault Settings

"Jean-Raymond.Chauviere" stated the following:
> SoloCDM wrote:
> >
> > Does anyone remember a setting that allows all internal ~/.Xdefault
> > settings to override any similar settings in X?
> xrdb -l ~/.Xdefaults # erase and load
> xrdb -m ....  # merge
> The both must override the application defaults.
> Or there is an error in the application that must take its defaults
> AFTER the dessources you gave.

I used "xrdb -all -query ~/.Xdefaults" and nothing happened.  Then I
used "xrdb -l" and "xrdb -all -query ~/.Xdefaults" and I had settings
from "~/.Xdefaults" display on the screen.  Finally, I used "xrdb -m"
and "xrdb -all -query ~/.Xdefaults", the settings appeared again.

Why are my settings not getting loaded?

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