GDM to handle expired password


Is there a way to handle logging in using gdm to handle a password that
needs to be changed? I set up new accounts such that the user must change
the password at first login and gdm doesn't seem to have a mechanism to
prompt the user for a new password. It just won't let the user log in and
this requires having to log in remotely to change the password. I think
I've seen this sort of mechanism on DEC unix (maybe), where there's a
console messages window showing on the screen as well as the regular login

I run a lab of diskless linux workstations that display a login chooser to
the main servers, and a feature like this would be a big help.


John S. Weber

System Administrator
Center for Computational Mathematics
University of Colorado at Denver
Phone: (303)556-5394 Fax: (303)556-8550
jweber math cudenver edu

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