GLib gmarkup problem & gstrfunc


I seem to be having problems compiling gmarkup.c and gstrfunc.c 
in GLib 1.3.2 using GCC 2.95.2 for RISC OS

gmarkup complains that in line 1269 that arguments 3 and 4 
(addr_value and addr_name) of pointer to function from 
incompatible pointer type

gstrfuncs reports that in func g_strsignal that the return discards 
qualifiers from pointer target.

Unixlib defines strsignal (for the above) as

extern const char *strsignal (int sig);

I've adjusted the source to read the same, but still get the same 

Any help in the above would be appreciated. I already have the 
patches from the gtk ftp site, but these don't cover the problems 


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