Re: Games for GNOME???

You can run starcraft using wine.
If you got an rpm-based distribution (redhat, mandrake, suse) maybe you
could install this package :
This version of wine enable you to play starcraft like you could under

I dont know about warcraft II. Maybe with dosemu ?


Josh wrote : 
> getting them running under GNOME isnt a problem, its getting the running at
> all is the problem ;)
> for quake 2 there is a version for linux, try , it should
> be under the files section, youll still need the windows disk though so you
> can get the data files off of it. as for starcraft and warcraft, i really
> dont know if you can play them on linux
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> Subject: Games for GNOME???
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have thress games that I would love to be able to play on Linux/GNOME.
> > They are StarCraft, WarCraft II, and Quake II. If this is possible, I
> > would really like to know how I can get these games runing under GNOME.
> >
> > Thanks in advance,
> > MwWizard

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