How do I set file handlers under Gnome?


I already posted this question, but I thought I would take another

How do I set different file handlers that appear on right-click in the
Gnome explorer for the same file type? Some file types have this by
default, for example .mp3 files have Open with XMMS..., while they are
played with mpeg123 on double-click. Is it possible to do this by hand?
(I tried using the Mime Types panel but it seems it is possible to set
only one double-click handler).

Also, I wonder if anyone had this problem - when set as the default
player for mp3s, FreeAmp comes up and displays a warning message that
the sound device is being used, refusing to play music. This
does not happen if I open FreeAmp separately and then open a specific file.

Thanks a lot in advance!


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