Re: create launcher on control panel that runs app as root Q2: Keyboard shortcuts

I haven't had my coffee yet.  You asked *2* questions.  The custom 
keyboard shortcuts, assuming you are using sawfish, can be set 
from the Gnome Control Center, under: 
Sawfish Window Manager->Shortcuts.

The one you will probably get the most use out of is "Run Shell 

I also find the "Pack window", "Logut", "popup apps menu", the 
many maximizze and minimize options, and the "Cycle windows" 
functions very useful.


"Jose Guevarra" <j_tek010 hotmail com> 12/18/01 04:08AM >>>
>Can you create a launcher on the control panel that launches apps as root. 
>at least asks for root password?
>Question 2:  Can you create custom keyboard shortcuts?
>thanx for all the help in advance,

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