gdm and gdmchooser help - I am so close


I have 2 RH7.2 boxes, one a cyrix 300 and the other a duron 900. I would like 
to be able to use either computer from either computer. I have used gdmconfig 
and set up most bits and from the cyrix machine If I issue X -indirect then all works well. But I would like to be presented by the 
chooser on both machines as a part of the normal startup. I tried to edit the 
X server entry in gdmconfig to use indirect, and I tried to add another one 
so I had one indirect and another just normal, but I had  login dialogues 
over the top of gdm chooser dialogues and It was quite messy.

If there is a way to configure gdm to achieve cross access to either box by 
point and click, I would appreciate the assistance.


-5 years playing linux, still feel like a novice-

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