Re: Gnome locks frequently - please read this if you see the samething

Alex Larsson wrote:
> I have no idea what's going on, but it *does* seem hardware related.
> Both of the machines in that report were Dells, and at least one of them
> spoke about NVidia drivers, so that may be leads to the link between the
> computers that act up.
> If your problems seem to correspond to the bug, please enter some data
> about your hardware in the bug-report.
> / Alex
Maybe, semi hardware related, so I got the NVidia Card, and I had, in
the past
times where the computer suddenly without any reason freezes completly.

One Reason for that was that I ran X on two vt's (vt7 and vt8). After
X only one time on vt7. This did not happend a long time again. But it
did sometimes,
but since I have the nvidia-driver 1541 installed things work really
pretty nice.

3. And that's why I say it's a semi hardware related problem is, that
after I tried to intall Evolution,
and therefore I had to update many packages, I ran into these problems
again, that Gnome simply freezes the
whole computer. Before I was running Gnome without a single crash for

Don't know if you like to hear it, but the current state of the Nvidia
Drivers is rockid stable.

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