remote/shared configuration items

Hi all.... 

This is something that drives me nuts on the internet, and i'm just
wondering if anyone knows of any solutions in general, or more
specifically, if GNOME has any plans to address this.

Basically, i have several pieces of information that i maintain in several
different places, stuff like address book, bookmarks, etc.  I maintain them
in differnet applications, in different places (work, home, pilot, etc). 
Just terrible.  

It would be really nice if (for example) galeon could be configured to use
a bookmark file that is located on my computer at home.  Then i could run
galeon at work, and at home, and use the same set of bookmarks.  Same type
of thing would apply evolution and my address book, etc.

Now this step alone would not necessarily guarentee application
interoprability (although within gnome apps it might get close), but it
would at least fix the multiple location problem.

A simple solution might be for apps to use gnome-vfs for critical data
files like this, but that might not be robust enough to deal with things
like multiple apps having the file open or 2 apps editing the file at the
same time.  It seems like some service on top of gnome-vfs would be
necessary for it to be really robust.



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