Re[2]: Major Red-Carpet Installer Problems

Thursday, April 26, 2001, 1:38:58 AM, Ian Peters wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 25, 2001 at 05:54:01PM -0400, 1stFlight wrote:
>> I  just  downloaded and installed the new Red-Carpet 1.0, and
>> when  I go to verify packages it asks to remove all of my KDE
>> files!  WTF!?!  Then when I go to update Ximian Gnome to 1.4,
>> it  lists  a  bunch  of  files  it  says are missing that are
>> already present on my system! What's wrong here?

> Red  Carpet uses the package management system on your machine
> to verify dependencies and decide what files are needed.

> If  you  don't  have  the  correct dependencies installed, Red
> Carpet  will  suggest  that  you  removed  that packages. Just
> because  you  have  the files installed on your system doesn't
> mean you have the correct entries in the RPM database.

> What  this  means  in  your  case  is  that you have KDE RPM's
> installed  with --force --nodeps, and you have files installed
> on your system that RPM is looking for, but they are installed
> by hand rather than through the RPM mechanism.

> So,  as  to  what's  wrong  here,  it  appears  that  your KDE
> installation  is  force-installed  (or  you have force removed
> dependencies   of   KDE  after  installation),  and  you  have
> installed  packages  by  hand  rather than through RPM without
> telling the RPM database about it.

> Perhaps  Red  Carpet  isn't  the right tool for you, since you
> don't  seem  to  want  to  be  bound by the package management
> system. All of our RPM's are available by ftp if you'd like to
> install  them by hand (with whatever --force flags turn out to
> be necessary).

 So wouldn't an rpm -rebuildb command help solve the dependencies
problem ?

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