multilingual keymapping - general installation Q, RH 6.1

I went through an installation of 5 single RH 6.1 machines
all equipped with a german keyboard layout.

Somehow it happened that 2 or three machines got installed with US keymap.
I tried to repair this by adding an entry into /etc/sysconfig/keyboard

This helped for alphanumeric mode (VTYs), but I can't get gnome (enlightment)
to accept the keymapping.  At the gdm prompter I'm getting already 
'z' swapped against 'y'. So where is the central location
to tell gnome globally for all users to use e.g. a german keyboard

I'd be glad if I could get this problem solved soon since it made me pull
out my hairs for a while now.

Chris Christoph P. U. Kukulies kuku gil physik rwth-aachen de

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