Tasklist doesn't redraw after window is destroyed

I've been using Gnome 1.1.90 for a little while now, and it seems very
fine except for the tasklist applet. (I don't know if this applet is
being discontinued or replaced by something else, so this may be
irrelevant). I've noticed three problems: two occur consistently, the
third only sometimes.

First, if I open a window and then close it, the tasklist icon for that
window remains on the tasklist, even though the window has been
destroyed. The image will disappear if I slide the panel shut and then
open it again, but nothing else seems to take the image away.

Secondly, (this may just be a symptom or variation of number one) there
is often one dead icon in the tasklist that doesn't respond to mouse
clicks. The caption on the "dead" tasklist icon is identical with that
of one of the remaining windows. It's as if the icon for
next-to-most-recently focused window just gets copied to fill up the
space that was left by the deleted or destroyed window icon.

Thirdly, and perhaps most annoyingly, the tasklist seems to crash when
I'm using netscape. The problem seems to be related to the opening of
netscape dialog boxes, because this is inevitably when netscape will
crash. I have an odd feeling that this also has something to do with
Sawmill (err, Sawfish, sorry), because I experienced even more severe
problems (e.g. total lock-up, hard reset required) when I installed
Sawfish 0.27 which always occurred under the same circumstances. For
instance I could consistently hang my computer by right clicking on an
email address Netscape Messenger and clicking "Add sender to address
book". The only thing that fixed this problem was uninstalling Sawfish
0.27 and reinstalling Sawfish 0.26.

Any ideas on what might be causing this behaviour would be most

On another, totally unrelated note, I was wondering how people go about
compiling a single applet, as I was trying to do to see if I could debug
the tasklist problem a bit. I don't really want to download and compile
the whole of gnome-core. Do I have to write my own makefile or
something? Any suggestions for further reading (FAQ's etc) would be


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