RE: gdm not operating as xdm did....


Thanks for taking the time.

Yes, I should have mentioned my using RH 6.2 Linux
as an OS.

I guess that I am wondering whether xdm will
play nicely with gdm ?

Starting xdm manually did not seem to work.

Thanks again,


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CHahn peregrine com (2000-09-28 at 1716.30 -0700):
> I started using gdm to log into my linux box, but I
> find that it is not handling XDMCP connections as
> xdm, which I was using before, did properly.


> I notice in my process list that gdm was started with
> the flag "-nodaemon".  Is this the culprit?  Where is this
> config controlled?  I find no reference to this flag under
> /etc/X11, which is where I expected it.

For GDM you normally (at least Red Hat and similars) will have to look
/etc/inittab and /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf. IMO the nodaemon is not
important most of times, but wrong config, non supported feature or

If you are trying indirect queries with XDMCP, it is normal to have
problems: GDM does not support them, only local and direct.

Next time describe you system and what you are exactly doing, so we
can help better.


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