Re: (-) Sorry, your distribution type is unsupported.

> Mathieu Lacage <mathieu eazel com> writes:
> > RH 7.0 has a completely new rpm system: porting it to RH 7.0 is NOT easy.
> > You had better yell at the RH 7.0 guys who broke every existing piece of 
> > software using RPM but theirs.
> Huh?  I was able to rebuild most of my own RPMs with minimal effort.
> Are you talking about the rpmlib api (which I haven't used)?

The Helix GNOME installer and updater will both need updating for RH 7.0
on account of changes to RPM.  That's one of several issues.  In
general, this version of Red Hat is very much deserving of a change in
major version number.

-Mark Gordon

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