Re: building nautilus

Hi John

        "efs.h" is a part of bonobo. 
        I think you will need to compile bonobo-0.18 before compiling

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>>>>> "John" == John S J Anderson <jacobs genehack org> writes:

    John> (Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask these
    John> questions, and please point me to the right one.)

    John> I spent a bit of time this weekend trying to build Nautilus
    John> on a Debian woody distro. I'm already using the Helix Code
    John> .debs, so following the instructions from
    John> <URL:>, I
    John> downloaded all the tarballs, and set about installing them
    John> into /usr/local/nautilus/.

    John> All was going swimmingly until I tried to build gnome-vfs
    John> 0.3.1. This craps out during the compile, for want of a file
    John> called efs.h. I don't have this file anywhere on my system
    John> -- where should I go about finding it?

    John> Thanks, john.

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