Re: About Installing Gnome

On Sat, Sep 16, 2000 at 05:22:30PM -0300 or thereabouts, Ramiro Magallanes wrote:
> Hi all :
> Im working , whit a Caldera Linux Technology Preview , whit kernel 2.4.0 
> (test 3) and i wnat to install Gnome  , (or Gnome-Helix) , because Kde2 ,
> doesnt like me. Where can i found a guide , about "installing gnome" ?
> I dont know where i can start it.

I was hoping someone else would answer this, but oh well.

I don't know a lot about Caldera. I have heard from another Caldera
user that GNOME rpms are supposed to be on their "contrib" or "extra"
stuff on their web or ftp site, but I had a look and never found them.

If you have a reasonable net connection, the simplest way might be
to hop over to and look at the list of distributions
they make GNOME available on. I know there's at least some version of
Caldera on that list.

If the Caldera rpms they have aren't for your machine, then I imagine
you might be able to get the source rpms from them and rebuild them
for your version of Caldera, but I'm not sure.

Failing that, it's the boring option of grabbing all the tarballs
from (your nearest mirror of)
and either creating rpms from them with rpm -ta tarballname, or 
doing the "./configure;make;make install" route with the lot.

There is a suggested compilation order in the FAQ at 
and if you want to put them into a particular part of the system 
then there are suggested prefixes and other things there, too.

There are ready-made rpms for Caldera in that ftp site, but they
are of October GNOME: GNOME 1.0.53. We're now up to GNOME 1.2, 
which is much better.

Of those, the simplest option is the Helix one, I think. I hope
some of these suggestions work.


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