Re: Independant (or free) updater ?

On Mon, Sep 18, 2000 at 02:02:19AM +0200, Philippe Roy wrote:
> With a little exemple : the famous 'balsa'
> - my balsa version : 0.8.1 (stable version) for redhat6
> - with rpmfind at : balsa-0.4.9

 shows 0.9.0 ... from Mandrake :-)

 nothing in the redhat-contribs ....

 I still maintain your problem has nothing to do with "Independant"
nor "free". It's just that your package don't get packaged into RPMs
or those are not made available on a wide basis ...

 If you had an FTP directory where balsa RPMs are maintained, keeping
them uptodate on your system is a simple matter of adding one entry
in the .rpmfind .
 If this premice doesn't exists, then I don't see how you are gonna
find "magically" the RPMs compiled by Joe in Texas or Andrei in Moscow.
Distribution doesn't scale for this. you meed to push first to indexers
to then have reliable sources ...
 Just look at the web ! If you're not indexed, you're not reached,
even if you are reachable !

  Moral of the story. Maintain RPMs and upload them (if needed from
a cron) to the various contribs which are in turn indexed.

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