Re: Independant (or free) updater ?

On Sun, Sep 17, 2000 at 07:38:08PM +0200, Philippe Roy wrote:
> Rpmfind : 
> Can it manage debian package and tar.gz too ?
> It use a *central* database at
> But, when this central don't have updates ? Or for unfamous/old/old
> version/little softs ?
> My idea is decentralization.

   What a cuuuute little idea !
  Yeah, go for it, show me the code once done, especially the
conflict resolution mechanism, i.e.:
  - how do you find a dependancy needed by a new package and not
    already provided
  - how do you find upgrades for other packages installed on the
    system when they requires a version of a package about to be
  - etc ...

 Don't even bother me until you get it working ... then we will
discuss about decentralization ... of course if you stick to
tar.gz you don't keep track of dependancies, sure the tool have
far less problem to solve. But then you're back to Windows way of
managing systems and I'm certainly not interested in this.

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