configure-ing evolution doesn't like bonobo

for some reason I can't ./configure evolution.	It gets stuck on Bonobo.

[root Linux evolution-0.4.1]# ./configure
<bunch of stuff snipped here>
checking for Bonobo >= 0.17... configure : error: Bonobo newer than 0.16 is
required to compile Evolution
[root Linux evolution-0.4.1]# rpm -q bonobo
[root Linux evolution-0.4.1]# gnome-config --libs bonobox
Unknown library `bonobox'
[root Linux evolution-0.4.1]# gnome-config --modversion bonobo
Unknown library `bonobo'

I tried compiling bonobo from source and it gets stuck on oaf.	I have compiled
and installed oaf-0.5.1.
[root Linux bonobo-0.18]# ./configure
<bunch of stuff snipped here>
checking of Oaf >= 0.5.0... Unknown library `oaf'
configure: error: not found
[root Linux bonobo-0.18]# oaf-config --version
[root Linux bonobo-0.18]# gnome-config --modversion oaf
Unknown library `oaf'
[root Linux bonobo-0.18]# which oaf-config
[root Linux bonobo-0.18]# ls /usr/local/bin/oaf*

any suggestions?


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