URGENT -- Helix-Gnome downloaded but NO desktop!

Dear friends:

I just downloaded HelixGnome from www.helixgnome.com and from the
HelixGnome server. I have done this before and never had a problem. Due
to reinstall of my system, I've had to reinstall Helix-Gnome, too.

I can get into Gnome quite easily, but all I see is a square box with
tips (Previous, Next) against a blue background. Ordinarily, when you
close this box, you see the menu at the top and the panel below. I see
nothing but the blue background. I wait and wait and nothing happens.

I have no idea what the problem is. I've tried to reinstall Gnome twice
this morning. The first time I selected: "Always use files on computer"
(can't remember the exact message). This always worked before but not
this time. When I entered Gnome (from KDE through switchdesk), I got an
error message that told me to correct the ownership of my
"tmpt/orbit-sher" directory. I did (adding sher to both user and group),
but it didn't work. So, I decided to redo the Gnome installation by
selecting to "Always Download", thinking that this clean install would
solve the problem. I am sorry to report that the original problem
persists. After Gnome comes on (that is, the animated Gnome splash
screen), and after I close the box of tips that follows, there is NO
desktop or icons whatsoever and NO panel. Just a blue background and
nothing more.

Would really appreciate the help of those of you who understand this
problem and can provide a solution.

Thank you all in advance.

Benjamin and Anna Sher
Sher's Russian Web
sher07 bellsouth net

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