Re: Evolution discussion


let me applaud for the design. I wonder what the state of discussion may be 
regarding a mail backend. What amount of job would it have to do? Provide 
unified access to any kind of account, may it be mbox, IMAP or POP3?

And what is the plan regarding scripting engines? I have always been bothered 
with quoting flaws like these........

>> long line
>>next line..........

Will i get events to plugin to fix the input before it comes into the widget 
for a reply, or an event to plugin to to so some fixup before sending?

Yours, Karl

> Evolution is not a single monolithic program; it is actually composed
> of many reasonably small components that work together.  To the
> untrained eye they look like a single application, but to the
> discerning connoisseur, they are independent little beasts.
> The main components are these:
> 	Shell - The main GUI wrapper that integrates everything
> 	together.
> 	Mail - GUI and backend for the mail.  They may be split at
> 	some point, but it is not clear what the right architecture is
> 	to do this.
> 	Calendar GUI - A bunch of views for the calendar data.
> 	Addressbook GUI - A bunch of views for the addressbook data.
> 	Calendar backend - Data repository for the calendar.
> 	Addressbook backend - Data respository for the addressbook.
> Some of these, like the calendar GUI, expose several Bonobo controls
> to be embedded anywhere you like.  Others, like the addressbook and
> calendar backends, are combined into a single process that runs as the
> Wombat daemon.
> So you can take the individual components and use them without the
> rest of Evolution.
> For example, the Pilot conduits run as separate components and just
> contact the calendar and addressbook data models in the Wombat,
> without ever launching or touching the GUI.
>   Federico
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