Re: gnome-print problem

* Iain (tigermilk btinternet com) wrote at 01:21 on 11/09/00:
> > Well maybe that is the problem. is there more that one version?
> About 3.
> The one you want is the gnome CVS one.
> I dunno if it has a webpage.

I had 'issues' with the gnome CVS one :) 

1) I needed AC_PROG_CXX because apparently there was C++ files in the testsuite
directory (that were in testsuite/ This was in but
commented out

2) I had to add '' to's EXTRA_DIST

3) I had to add the to the file

Does anybody want these fixes? Should I commit them? (I haven't bothered with
pursuing this issue because libunicode is scheduled to die or something like


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