Re: broken mime-types

David Lloyd <lloy0076 rebel net au> writes:

> Yes, but sawfish comes with the default RH 6.2 just
> have to change Windows managers. 

I did not think you would believe me :-) The sawmill-0.23-7 that came
with SuSE-6.4 was just barely usable, ugly and quite buggy,
sawfish-0.30.3-0_helix_7 is much nicer.  (They changed the name due to
trademark clash.)

> I'd actually dispute whether Sawmill as distributed by RedHat is
> faster than Englightenment; they come very close together. I've
> rebuild sawmill, and rep-gtk which has increased my performance
> considerably...

I use X remotely over ethernet mostly, and enlightenment 0.16.3 is
noticeably slower over the wire, even with 100MBps ethernet.  I also
have a weakness for programming in lisp, and the sawfish lisp is a lot
more fun to hack around with then eesh is (and much better

It is all a matter of taste I guess.  (It took me for ever to download
over a 28K modem, but it was worth it in my opinion.)

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