Wheel Mice

Just a note for other users:

I have a Logitech mouse (I forget the exact name but it has 3 buttons + a wheel
with a 4th button).  It works with USB(in windows) or PS/2 ports.

I had found a rather extensive web page
(http://www-sop.inria.fr/koala/colas/mouse-wheel-scroll/) on wheel mice that mentioned the ZAxisMapping option.  I had
tried that with absolutely no reaction.  (Using XFree86, I think version 3.3.5)

The man page for imwheel said to set the pointer type to "IM PS/2".  This is
what did it for me.

	In XF86Config, change the pointer type to "IM PS/2" and add the line
"ZAxisMapping  4 5"

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