Re: netscape wont work

Frank Hale wrote:
> > Are you connected to the internet when you try to
> > start netscape?
> I can run netscape while not connected and it works
> just fine. Pick any version they all work. 

Netscape freezes because, on startup, it does a blocking domain name
lookup for (?) and/or your mail server.  So,
depending on how you set up your DNS system, you can indeed cause
Netscape to freeze when you're offline.  I wish I knew how to set the
system up so I can have offline DNS (for my home LAN) and still keep
Netscape from freezing.  Maybe someone out there can enlighten me.
= Warren -- ICBM Address: 36.8274040 N, 108.0204086 W, alt. 1714m

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