Wheel mouse

Talking about all this has got me wondering once again. I have a PS2 - Trust Ami
Mouse Scroll Pro (Excellence Series).... for those of you who don't know it has
2 scroll wheels, and 3 buttons.

I have never gotten it to work as of yet in either Gnome or even X. Actually, I
have no idea if it's even compatible. I have it now just running as some generic
3 button mouse. It would be so great to get the wheels in action (excuse the
pun), but I have no idea how.

Does anyone out there have any knowlege of this mouse, or have any idea how I
could best go about this? I do know that Windows detected this mouse as a 2
button Micro$oft scroll mouse or something, which worked well (except for the
3rd button), so I don't think that it is too uncompatible.

I have just tried IMWheel, but managed to hang my pc pretty seriously.... Yes I
read the Doc files, and did just what was said (both suggestions), however had
twice the same effect. Possibly there is a simple solution I am overlooking?

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


Ralph Slooten

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   /V\      E-Mail:   ralph slooten quicknet nl
  // \\     Homepage: http://www.axllent.cjb.net
 /(   )\    Date:     05-Sep-2000
  ^^-^^     Time:     21:31:06

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