Looking for consultant...


   I'm looking for someone who would be willing to act as an on-call
consultant (for pay, obviously) to help me through the initial learning
curve of developing an interactive Gnome/GTK application.  I've been
learning from the online tutorials and by studying the source code of
various applications, but the process is just too slow.  There have been
far too many times where I've spent several hours working out the details
of a fairly simple problem that some more experienced person could have
told me the answer to in five minutes if I could have called them on the
phone; so, that's what I'm looking for.

   If you're an experienced GTK/Gnome developer who would be interested in
picking up some extra fun bucks answering questions from a smart but not
overly experienced programmer (on the subject of UI design using GTK), let
me know.  If you live in the Puget Sound area, so much the better.  I can
work around your schedule, and we can arrange specified times when you
would need to be available to answer questions over the phone or via
email.  Pay would likely be based on logged hours on the phone, and the
rate can be negotiated; I obviously want you to feel that it's worth your

   Oh, yes: one of the most annoying problems I've been trying to work
through is getting my application to work properly with MDI -- if you've
got some experience working with the GnomeMDI objects and can help me get
through the basics, that would definitely put you at the top of the heap.

Jim Wiggs

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