Lost gnomepager_applet


I just survived an update to SuSE 7.0. Before that I run a SuSE 6.3 with a from
tarballs compiled version of gnome 1.2. I installed SuSE 7.0 (without gnome)
and as it seems unfortunately glibc2.1.3, which screwed the system quite a bit.
Anyways, basically gnome is running fine again(windowmanager is sawfish). The only
thing that drives me crazy is that gnomepager_applet is not working from the
Applet -> Utility menu, but from the command line. Further it is neither in the
packages of SuSE 7.0 nor in the tarballs of gnome-core-1.2 or gnome-applets. 

Has the gnomepager been removed or is it somewhere hidden?


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