Xalf request to packagers and others


At the GNOME GUI list we have been discussing the splash screen
subject, and Xalf was proposed, after some talk that was describing
what Xalf already implements more or less. You see, reinventing the
wheel. ;]

I have been testing Xalf, and I would like to ask packagers to add it
to the optional group of GNOME apps, and by default, put it in the
basic install. No hard dependances (some people will not use it, so
please not another "Why I do need E?") but try to integrate more if it
is avaliable.

The other request, and for the record, is that anyone that had the
problem of users that click lots of times the same launcher cos the
app is slow to start, try it too and give feedback to the rest of

If Xalf is not accepted (I am requesting this from a personal point of
view :] and everyone is free to do whatever he wants), at least this
item should find a mention in the FAQ, some will find it useful, that
is sure.

Xalf site is: http://www.lysator.liu.se/~altic/projects/xalf/

Maybe Xalf is not the best solution, and something new is done, but
IMO it is time to fix some UI problems, at least partially. And of
course, demostrate that GUI list is not just a place to talk for
fun. We keep on going with this and other subjects, of course, but I
do not want one of past time problems: lack of communication with the
rest of community.

Thanks for the attention, and to all those in GUI list for the job.


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