RE: Gnome Under Solaris 7

I have also been bitten by this bug and I think I have a fix for it -- well,
kinda, it's not perfect, but worked for me. 
Anyway, below is a snippet of my e-mail to gnome-core maintainer
(jacob helixcode com), dated 08/04/00:

-- Hi,
-- I have ben hit by bug #12942 in gnome-session - my machine is a pretty
-- sun4u with Solaris 7 11/99 distribution. This prevented me from using
-- on this box for quite some time. Eventually I got to debugging the
-- and found [a sort of] workaround.
-- The workaround is to re-enable the call to
-- IceListenForWellKnownConnections() and use it instead of
-- IceListenForConnections() (patch attached - gsm.solaris.patch). However,
-- #8549 says the IceListenForWellKnownConnections() does not always exist
-- the ICE library, so this patch is not an universal solution. Perhaps a
-- in the autoconf script should be introduced ?
-- I still don't know why IceListenForConnections() crashes (maybe it is
-- plainly a bug in Solaris version of ICE), but it crashes even in a
-- program (attached - see icebug.cpp).

The guy has promissed to integrate my patch, but seemingly he isn't done yet

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> > From: "David T. Bath" <bathd edipost auspost com au>
> > To: "Paul E. Yahnig" <pyahnig kean edu>
> > > Hello all....I have just installed Gnome on my Ultra 5 
> running Solaris 7.  
> > > When I go to login, I select the Gnome desktop, all that 
> happens is, that I 
> > > get logged back out.  The same thing happens for root as 
> well.  I kept 
> > > Solaris as my desktop manager.
> > Similar problem on E450/Solaris7 using Helix Gnome.
> > I tried going in under failsafe with a raw xterm and then invoking 
> > gnome-session.
> > gnome-session segfaults.
> > Advice also appreciated.
> Well-known issue - see 
>, "Solaris 
> 7 gotcha", just above the "General setup" heading.
> My personal solution is not to use gnome-session, but instead to use 
> Enlightenment and use the menu system in that to start the 
> bits I want.  There's 
> another bug in the Sun Xserver that causes window frame 
> graphics corruption when 
> using the Panel, so this also helps with that.
> All of this is getting looked at very seriously by the Sun 
> Engineers now working 
> on Gnome for inclusion in the next Solaris major release.
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