Gnome Libs 1.0.60 is out.

Hello guys,

   Gnome Libs 1.0.60 has been released.  

   This new version of Gnome Libs contains a lot of improvements in
many areas, and all the happy GNOME users will be extra happy to learn
all the nice things we have done for this release.  Let there be love
and tarballs that compile. 

* New features

	* Simple setup to enable applications to have mini-icons
	  without any code intervention (Miguel, Jacob).

	* New API call to set the application mini-icon (Jacob,
	  Anders, Miguel).

	* Now an application main window and dialogs will set the
	  default mini-icon for the application.  This icon can be
	  specified by the application at runtime, or by being
	  launched by gnome-dentry or by setting the

	* Gnome Color Selector now does alpha composition instead of
	  using stipples for its "disabled" mode, fixing a multi-depth
	  bug and making the code nicer (Chris Lahey).

* The Bug fixes

	* Canvas text display repaint fixes from Iain.

	* New policy for the AA canvas: it is "usable", and we will
	  fix the AA problems on demand.  They are not that bad, and
	  each one can be fixed incrementally without too much hassle.

	* Multi-depth fixes from Ian Peters, Federico Mena, and me. 

	* GnomeDock should work propely with Bonobo now. 

	* Corrected a keyboard handling bug in the canvas (Chris

	* Fix updating for various canvas items (Iain Holmes)

	* "width_pixels" argument for the rectangle/ellipse canvas
	  item is now properly handled (Iain Holmes).

	* About boxes now should handle absolute path icons (this
	  should have been the default, but it was broken: Jason

	* George Lebl fixed various gnome-calculator bugs.

	* GnomeClient bug fix from Jacob (allocated too little memory)


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