Colors in GMC

I am running October Gnome via Enlightenment 0.16, and I've installed
one of the darkish themes for both GTK and E.

The problem that I'm having is that GMC text colors are not changed with
the themes, and I cannot find any way to change these myself. If I use
the Icons display mode in gmc, the text is white and I can read it, but
I hate Icons display mode. I prefer to use one of the list-style display
modes, and in those modes directory names are in blue and regular file
names are in black (both illegible unless I put my face 2 inches from
the monitor and squint) and executable file names are in white which is
so bright that it makes the surrounding dark text all the more

Is there a file I can edit to change these colors? And would the folks
who turn out GMC consider making these colors an option under GMC's
config menu?

Thanks for any help

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