Re: PNG's in Netscape using EOG

On 28 March, 2000 - Loban Rahman sent me these 0.9K bytes:

> > As I understand it, Netscape displays PNG's fine when they are on a
> > site like <IMG SRC="ping.png"> but it chokes if you link to a PNG
> > that the browser will be displaying by itself. I don't know why,
> > that's just what it does for me.
> Yes, that is my problem EXACTLY.
> So, anyone know how to rectify that (with EOG/Plugger/etc. or without)?

It's pluggers fault. Remove it and you'll get better PNG support.

Tomas ÷gren,,
|- Student at Computing Science, University of UmeŚ
`- Sysadmin at {cs,ing,acc}

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