RE: X becoming a memory hog

> > Yes its a memory hog and has been for some time. Gnome and 
> enlightenment
> > don't help. I think sawmill probabaly uses less memory.
> >
> > This is a point where I think open sourse has a problem 
> because people
> > complain about windows bloat when in fact linux + X + Gnome 
> + WM requires
> > more hardware to run at the same speed. 
> > 
> I've got several old sun ELCs with 4MB of RAM set up as B&W 
> X-terms that
> work fine for light use.  Though they do need an ocassional 
> reset every
> few weeks due to what I believe is a memory leak in the old 
> Sun x-server.  
> I've also got some old Sun 3/80s (Motorola 68030 @ 20MHz) with color
> output and 16MB RAM configured the same way and get zero 
> complaints from
> their users.  Since all their apps run on a single headless 
> system I've
> managed to get quite a few additional years out of that old hardware.

I noticed that none of your examples are using XFree86. It may
not be inherent to X but to XFree86 implementation. Anyone know
if 4.0 uses less memory? 

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